It’s a new year in the Jewish calendar

September 29, 2019

Eitan Cohen shares about saving lives

God has brought so many blessings this year, including expanding our ARISE team, and allowing us to partner with an incredible organization saving lives through specialized defense training: Caliber 3. An elite counter terrorism training academy, Caliber 3 operates multiple training facilities in Israel and one in the United States.

Eitan Cohen is one of the top instructors and course developers at Caliber 3, and he brought a unique perspective to our fall ARISE events. While the security of Israel is a huge focal point for us at ARISE, we wanted to bring Eitan’s security expertise to our own friends and neighbors here in the U.S. Eitan spoke on securing houses of worship, and what to do in the event of an active shooter situation. Eitan personally trained our ARISE team in a special counter terrorism training in Colorado, as well as the security team of a large ministry based in Ft. Worth.

Our intent in partnering with Eitan was to provide something of deep value and meaning to the communities that partner with us. To all of you who came to our fall events, THANK YOU! We hope you learned valuable lessons from Eitan, as we all did! His mantra, “see something, say something” is now part of each of our lives. That mantra really drives what we do at ARISE. We see the delegitimization of Israel happening in the media, and the propaganda on social media and we will not sit by and watch it happen. We see college campuses in the U.S. growing more hostile toward Jewish speakers, and increasingly anti-semitic in sentiment. We’re not going to be silent! We see Israel’s enemies endorsing and promoting economic boycott and we say, not on our watch! Join us as we build a global alliance of Christians and Jews working together for a better future, and a stronger Israel.

Rachel Wimpey
– ARISE Director of Development